Dental Solutions

Highly efficient generative 3D Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing with ultra-fine resolution. Ideally to manufacture resin prototypes for dental indications.

  • temporary crowns and bridges
    temporary crowns and bridges
  • stump- or implant-models and gingiva masks
    stump- or implant-models and gingiva masks
  • stump-models nah raus
  • stump-models nah rein
  • surgical guides
    surgical guides
  • casts and partials
    casts and partials
  • denture bases
    denture bases
  • splints
  • splints nah
  • tray


For fast and efficient production of excellent products with perfect esthetics. All aplications at the touch of a button.

D20 II

The compact solution for professional use in small labs and dental clinics.

D30 II

Powerful and flexible: The professional solution for labs.

D40 II

The high productivity solution for labs.


For high volume production. Flexible manufacturing solutions with the target of lowest total cost of ownership.

D90 II UV series

The model for the industrial dental production at minimum unit costs.

Certified Dental Material Partners

For biocompatible printing of all kind of dental applications many materials are available. Our certified suppliers ensure together with Rapid Shape a biocompatible certified system and workflow.

Shera Print®

Shera Print® materials of SHERA available directly via Shera GmbH & Co. KG / Distributors


FotoDent® materials of company DREVE available directly via Dreve GmbH / Depots


3Delta materials of company DELTAMED available directly via Deltamed GmbH / Depots


FreePrint® Materials of company DETAX available directly via DEtax GmbH / Depots


PRINT4D Materials of company GC available directly via GC AG / Depots

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